Best Treatment for a Toothache at Home

Learn about effective home remedies that help you relieve your tooth pain. Ways to treat a toothache at home.

2/20/20232 min read

Toothache can range from mild to severe pain in or around a tooth and can occur at any time. A toothache is a sign of bacterial infection in the tooth's nerve due to cavities. Most people suffering from toothache in Vadgaonsheri, and Pune follow various treatments at home. Here, you can learn about effective home remedies that help you relieve your tooth pain. However, if you suffer from a severe toothache, your best choice is to visit a dental clinic in Vadgaonsheri.

Ways to treat a toothache at home

  • Rise with salt water

    You can rinse your mouth with mild water with salt to temporarily reduce tooth pain. This method also helps you heal other oral wounds and reduce inflammation. Also, avoid swallowing the salt water while you rinse.

  • Try garlic

    Garlic has various medicinal properties, such as acting as a pain reliever and eliminating harmful bacteria. When using garlic for toothache, crush its clove to create a sticky paste and apply it to the affected area in your mouth.

  • Use clove oil

    You can apply a small amount of clove oil onto a cotton ball and dab it on the area where the pain originates. It helps reduce inflammation and numb oral pain. However, if you are looking for how to stop tooth pain fast, you should visit a professional.

  • Take an anti-inflammatory

    You can also take an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen to reduce tooth pain. However, if you are confused about the dosage and how to consume it, visit a Dentist in Vadgaonsheri, as they can guide you to the right way to take anti-inflammatory medication.

  • Use a hot pack

    Dentists recommend applying a hot pack to the jaw's side to relieve the pain. You can also get hot and cold treatments from a dentist. If you don't know of any dental clinics in your area, you can search "dentists near me" on your browser.

  • Rinse with guava mouthwash

    Guava is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Guava leaves have antimicrobial properties that offer tooth pain relief. You can either boil the crushed guava leaves or chew on them.

  • Use thyme

    This herb also has wonderful antibacterial and antioxidant properties. You can use thyme oil to treat your toothache. Apply some thyme oil to a cotton ball directly to the area to reduce the pain.

  • Hydrogen peroxide rinse

    You can also use a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide as a tooth pain treatment. Rinse with the hydrogen peroxide mouthwash but avoid swallowing it.


A toothache is not fatal but a painful experience that can spread to other body parts if untreated. You can follow the home remedies, but if they don't improve your condition or you want fast relief, you should visit a dentist. Dr. Awanthi is a well-known Pune dentist who offers excellent orthodontic treatments for toothache and other dental problems. You can also see a dentist if you want other dental services, such as tooth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, smile design, and more.